Farms and Flights

First, thank you to all who completed the survey in April and May! Congrats to the drawing winners – Elaine, Maura, Kate, Laura, Sadie, Macall, Rose, Jeremy, Tiffany, and JoHannah. Second, I’m currently in route home to the mountains after 5 amazing visits to student farms. A few more farms remain on my list, but this trip included: Oregon State University, University of Oregon, Rutgers University, University of Georgia, and University of Kentucky. While one of my research goals is to examine shared patterns of farm design and placemaking, each farm had so many unique stories and strategies that were each as inspiring as the next. One of my favorite events was attending a pop-up lunch program in Athens, GA using food produced at UGArden – all the food and service was done by middle school students, even down to one boy singing a song to give thanks before digging in. That day’s menu is shown in the picture. Who doesn’t love homemade honey ice cream?!  I feel so much gratitude for the time and hospitality that each farm extended on my visit – a special thank you to: James, Harper, Arianna, David, and Mark.